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Wine Glass Bluetooth Speaker

by Komfy
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KSh4,599.00 - KSh4,599.00
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Product Description 

● User-friendly interface and clear silk screen instructions make the operation more convenient.
● Intelligent compatible, fast pairing, Bluetooth playback, lossless stereo sound quality.
● JY-35 Bluetooth speaker is a collection of colorful lights. Bluetooth. TF. Radio
● AUX multifunctional digital speaker with external sound source in one. By using external magnetic speakers, the bass is deeper and more powerful.

● Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, to accompany your music wirelessly.
● Six-color switchable lighting creates a warm and comfortable living atmosphere
It is the bedside soft lighting, and it can dress up the charm of a candlelight dinner, it is a work of art of exquisite decoration, and it is also a Bluetooth speaker that can play beautiful music.

● Can be connected via audio cable, switch to wired mode to play music
● TF card can be inserted to play MP3 music in the card
● Unhindered listening without Bluetooth, Bluetooth/wired AUX/TF card
● Three modes are arbitrarily selected, widely compatible with various audio equipment

Button operation, convenient and fast

① Is the power switch button and mode switch button. Long press for 3 seconds to switch the machine, and just press for mode conversion.
② Single press is the previous song, long press is the volume reduction, in the radio state
Single press time for the previous channel.
③ This is the pause/play/talk function key. During a Bluetooth call. Single press to answer, press again to hang up, long press to reject the call. When the radio is in radio status, just press to automatically search and store radio stations.
④ Single press is the next song, long press is the word increase,
One press for the next channel.
⑤ Just press this key to change the color of the lamp, long press to turn off the lamp.