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Toddlers U-Shape Toothbrush

by Komfy
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Product Description 

Main material composition: Toothbrush: Food Grade Silicone; Handle: Food Grade PP Item condition: Brand New 

Toothbrush Size: approx head-5cm; length-9.8cm

The handle is comfortable to hold and grip, your kids are easy to clean their teeth by themselves

Waterproof and washable, can be washed with water, keep clean and hygienic

Bright color and comfortable experience, let your kids fall in love with brushing their teeth

It can effectively prevent dental caries and let your baby have healthy teeth - Perfect for kids teeth profile, comfortable and safe

How To Use

1. Shake toothpaste

2. Squeeze toothpaste into the groove on both sides

3. Shake the toothpaste before use

4. Left, center, and right on both sides of the brush head

5. Ensure that the extruded foam is uniform

6. Swing left and right to brush your teeth repeatedly

7. Hygienic cleaning of flushing brush head

8. After brushing your teeth, flush your toothbrush to keep it clean