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Super Absorbent Microfiber Hair Towel Turban

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Product Description

1. Premium quality and absorbent material: made of high-quality microfiber fabric material, extremely soft and super absorbent, cut the time to dry your hair, machine washable.

2.Shorten the time to dry hair: dries your hair fast and saves your time, drying it naturally, protect your hair from electric hair dryer damage.

3. Convenient and durable: with a tie hoop for securing a turban, it’s very convenient for you to makeup, bath, facial, avoid the hair slide down, with pineapple plaid design, it’s more cute and lovely to dry your hair.

4.Sizes:25*65 cm, large enough for most big heads, you can also estimate the size if adjust to your size or not before buying.

5.Package including 2 pack( coffee& pink) hair drying towels