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Super Absorbent Door Mat

by Komfy
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Product Description 

Made of premium material, soft and comfortable.
With anti-slip bottom designed for secure use.
Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so on.

Material: Polyester
Features: Rectangle Shape, Soft, Durable, Anti-Slip
Size: 45cm x 65cm/17.72" x 25.59", 50cm x 80cm/19.69" x 31.50" (Approx.)

Soft and mellow: This bathroom ceiling is made of thousands of fine fibers, so standing on it is like walking in clouds. The down is high and dense, so it can soothe tired feet and protect your toes from cold ground.
Rapid water absorption: The soft polyester fibers can absorb water quickly, protect the floor from splashing when you leave the tub or use the sink, keep it clean and dry and protect it from mildew.
Non-slip and durable: The underside of this floor mat is made of TPR latex with a grid pattern which can hold the floor well and has anti-slip effect. It is very durable and essential, especially in damp bathrooms.
Machine washable: Our blankets are suitable for both hand washing and machine washing. It is recommended to shake several times after washing, the wool will spread automatically and can be dried quickly even when hanging in the sun. The super soft microfiber material does not shrink or twist after washing and its softness and water absorption retains a new state after countless washes.
Frequently used: The bath mat is suitable for any place including bathroom, floor, kitchen, living room, study, study, bedroom, interior and living room. Outdoors.

Main advantage
1. This bathroom rug is covered with a long, fluffy rug, like a small lawn that is very relaxing to walk on.
2. Great water absorption: Water absorption in three seconds, dry and wet separation,
Avoid humidity and airtightness.
3. TPR latex non-slip solid floor, not damage the floor, adapts to the floor and does not slip easily.
4. It is not easy to break the thread, and the technological geometric weaving process is tightly fluffy and firmly fixed.
5. Unique fiber optic locking technology, each fiber is firmly attached to the bracket
6. Hand wash and machine wash: It is recommended to shake several times after washing,