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Professional Hair Clipper

Original price KSh2,999.00 - Original price KSh2,999.00
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KSh2,999.00 - KSh2,999.00
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Product Description

  • USB Cordless Hair Cutter: Mini USB cordless hair clipper makes it easy for you to self hair cutting, suitable for both adults and children to use safely.

  • Limit Comb Design: With three limit combs, the length can be freely controlled, and novices can easily get started.

  • Bottom One-Key Switch: bottom switch, one-button start, easy to trigger, button design does not occupy space and does not affect the appearance.

  • Powerful Motor: reduce the power 180 and strong magnetic torque, it will not be stuck in the end, strong power, the hair cutting process is smooth and not stuck, and there is no fear of soft and hard hair.

How It Works