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Oraimo 27000mAh Power Bank,fast Charging.

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Product Description

Oraimo Dual USB Port 27000mAh Power Bank Fast Charging 2.1A OPB-P271D is a power bank with a super large capacity of 27000mAh so that it can help you charge your cellphone or other devices over and over again. Minimalist design is easy to carry wherever you go.

There are several interfaces on the side, namely USB 1, USB 2, Type-C - Lightning and Micro Input, and LED Display to see the remaining battery capacity 


  •  Dual USB Output Dual USB Output makes it easy for you to charge 2 hp/device at once simultaneously thus saving time in charging your 2 devices 3)

  •  This Fast charging Our power bank is supported by Fast Charging technology so it is very fast and efficient to charge cellphone batteries

  •  Minimalist design that saves space Even though the capacity is large, this power bank is still portable and lightweight so it is very comfortable to carry while traveling

  • Real MASSIVE Capacity real super big 27.000mAh can charge the iPhone up to 10x, it is possible to carry it when traveling/traveling far, you will not run out of battery during the trip!

  • LED display to see the remaining power bank capacity Equipped with a capacity LED display that makes it easy to see the remaining power bank battery capacity in real-time

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