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Generic Hand Held Sewing Machine.

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Product Description


  • Can be use in Denim,Silk,Crafts,Drapes.

  • Simple operation, line with the flat edge, automatic moving.

  • Can be seam thickness ≤1.8 MM. Too big, too hard, can't use.

  • Compact, portable, fittings and large sewing machines are common.

  • Apply to all kinds of fabrics, speed and large sewing machine quite.

  • Metal gear strength is high, the noise is small, not easy to slip teeth.

  • Sewing machine designed handkerchief, apron, pillow case, etc., do not have a taste.

  • Wearing clothes, underwear, skirts and other suddenly off-line, you can use of the machine without take off the clothes, it is very easy to sew.

  • For children around 12 years of age, a little instruction, use this machine to sew small clothes, etc., not only toys, but also a good partner to train children's work habits and train sewing skills.:


  • 1.Pack 4 AA batteries

  • 2.Standby: use the four finger of the right hand to support the frame, the thumb naturally placed on the fuselage, cover the top, the steady grasp of the whole machine

  • 3.Through the line: according to the product description of the detailed diagram instructions operation

  • 4.Put Cloth: with the right index finger lift the pressure plate, will be ready to sew fabric smooth, put under the press plate, gently back to the pressure plate, press fabric

  • 5.Sewing operations: hold the fabric with his left hand, right hand thumb gently quickly under pressure, feeding mechanism of automatic seam will be left out. Hold the right hand gradually moves to the right, left hand holding the cloth with the will be gently sewing seam to the left, until the end of sewing

  • NB. The Video Is For Demonstration Purposes, The product may not be of the same Brand as displayed in the video. 

How It Works.