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Detoki Detoxifying Foot Patches

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Product Description

Detoki is a set of toxin-cleansing foot patches that wash out all poisons from your blood vessels, intestines, and liver, thus improving your health and enhancing your energy. All you have to do is stick the Detoki patches to your foot at night and remove them in the morning. What you will see is that the white pads are dark and oily with the products and bacteria from your body that they sucked out through the acupuncture points on your feet.

A bit unconventional detoxifying method, based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, has been recently invented. Detoxifying pads Detoki, applied on feet, can be used as a natural remedy for cleansing the body from harmful substances. The mixture of bamboo vinegar, detox herb extract, wood vinegar, and vitamin C, is designed to improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and strengthen immunity.
Detoki pads are packed in a box and each box contains 10 pieces. A pad should be used at night for 6-12 hours, so one Detoki pack is enough for 5 to 10 days usage.




How to use detoki patches?

  1. take off the protective layer from the pad
  2. place in the center of the pad a sachet with biologically active substances so there are inscriptions on the sticky sides.
  3. stick the pad in the foot and press
  4. allow the pad to work all night (6-12 hours), then peel it off and rub it over with a damp cloth