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Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

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Product Description

Ergonomically designed handle; the sturdy 3.5 inch long broad wings: makes this bottle opener and corkscrew comfortable to grasp and effortless to turn. Require minimal force for pressing down to free the cork from the bottle, strengthen the screws to ensure that the wings are not easy to loose. Stable screws, the arms will not got stuck when using.

Keep steady: the round end that seats the opener on the wine bottle is not loose and easy to keep steady. Let you open the bottle and use it easy and simple.

Auger: the auger is longer and stronger so that it will drill into the cork. It doesn't take you a long time to open the bottle.

Multifunction and convenience-our corkscrew wine opener pull double duty as both a beer and wine opener. Using food-grade stainless steel materials, our wing corkscrews are rust-proof, resistant to staining, require little to no maintenance, and are easy to clean after use.

How It Works