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Chop-Stick Cage And Cutlery Organizer

Original price KSh2,499.00 - Original price KSh2,499.00
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KSh2,499.00 - KSh2,499.00
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Product Description

  • ave space: If you have a comfortable kitchen but limited counter space, this storage rack is perfect for you! To maintain a neat and concentrated appearance, the tool can be placed in any stable position you like. It can be easily placed on the tool holder and does not take up space
  • The base is stable and does not tip over, and many tools are still stable.
  • Unique hook design, easy to hang small objects, many functions
  • Each part can be disassembled, up and down can be disassembled, easy to clean
  • Evenly drain the hole, the bottom drains evenly and finely, easy to drain