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Car Organizer Cup Holder

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KSh1,999.00 - KSh1,999.00
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Product Description

  • Main function & Extra function:Main function:Car cup holder is suitable for different size drinking cup or water bottle-Most of cup or bottle we use daily can be put in this car bottle holder; Extra function: Create extra car seat storage space for your stuff,such as smartphone, wallet, credit car, coin, cigarettes, charging cable and so on.

  • Applicable Seat Type The car seat pockets is suitable for which the seat is lower than center console/ the seat is same level as center console. Conversely, it is not suitable for the seat higher than center console. It suitable for the gap between 2-5cm.

  • Size Details-Two cups base suit to put three size of the bottom of the cup: 3.38in / 2.87in/ 2.67in. [IMPORTANT] For more comprehensive and more intuitive dimensions, please click on the image (3th image ).

  • Easy to Install: Simply slide the organizer between your seat and console for quick and simple installation.