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Brosilicate Water Glass Jug Set | 6 Cups

by Komfy
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KSh6,000.00 - KSh6,000.00
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Product Description 

The glass jug is shaped like a wheat ear. This special design makes the ice teapot beautiful in appearance, matching the cup with the same wheat ear. you deserve to have.

High borosilicate glass,Resistant to sudden cooling and heat resistance, you can directly pour boiling water;as a daily hot and cold drink, it is all satisfactory~

There is a silicone ring inside the lid, so it won’t fall when tilted 90 degrees. There are large water outlet and small filter hole in the cover, two kinds of openings can be easily switched.

Basic Information

  • Wheat Ears Cold kettle

  • Material: pot body—high borosilicate glass, pot cover—304 stainless steel+wood

  • Technology: hand blown

  •  Thickness: 4mm (±1mm) * Scope of application: gas stove, electric ceramic stove, disinfection cabinet

  • Characteristics: cold and heat resistant, can withstand boiling water directly pour water, can be heated by open flame / electric ceramic stove. Large diameter, easy to clean