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Aluminium Appampatram | Kitumbua Pan - 7 Holes

by Komfy
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Product Description 

The aluminium non-stick appampatram from Nirlon is a great choice of cooking utensil for regular and hassle-free cooking. The appampatram has a non-stick interior for healthier cooking and long lasting performance and is also metal and wooden spoon friendly. The appampatram also comes with an ergonomic handle with insulation ensuring comfort and easy holding of the utensils while serving the food.

Aluminium construction

This appampatram from Nirlon have an aluminium construction with non-stick coating. Aluminium cookware is very popular amongst beginners and gourmet cooks alike thanks to excellent conductivity and durability on both the exterior and interior of the product.

Scratch-resistant surface

The non-stick material that the pan is coated with makes the utensil scratch resistant.  You can use both metal and wooden spatula without having to worry about any damage to the utensil.

Ergonomic handle with insulation

The non-stick aluminium appampatram features an ergonomic handle with insulation on both sides. This specifically designed pan has two cool-touch handles on both sides that are sturdy and prevent you from burning your hands to provide the best grip and a no-slip hold.

Non-stick coating

The appampatram from Nirlon comes with non-stick coating. The non-stick coating help in cooking with minimum oil or fat as the food does not stick to the surface of the utensil and can be easily scooped off. So it ensures hassle-free healthy cooking without spoiling the taste of the food.

Easy to clean

The non-stick aluminium appampatram set is very easy to clean. Owing to its non-stick coating the food residue does not stick to the pan and can be easily washed off with liquid soap and water and does not require hard scrubbing.

Supports healthy cooking

The non-sticking coating of the cookware allows the user to cook the food with little oil and therefore makes the meals healthier.