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4K X 2K HDMI Splitter

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Product Description


1. Switch/Spitter from 2 Digital-Video (DVI) or Digital-Audio Video (HDMI) Sources

2. Digital TV, HDMI Flat Panel Monitors, HDTV

3. DVD Players, Satellite Receivers, Set-Top Boxes

4. Digital Projectors Audio Video Receivers

5. Other HDMI-enabled Devices



1. 1 input and 4 output (Splitter)

2. Approved by HDMI Attached Lab

3. Fully support 1080P HDTV

4. HDCP compliant

5. Support DTS, Dobby, 7.1 Channel Audio

6. Gold plated connector

7. Cable Fixing bolt for long cable

8. Plug & Play

9. Amplifier and Equalizer function for extending the HDMI cable.

10. Rack mounting kit and wall mounting kit version

The Package Includes

1. HDMI Splitter

2. 5V DC Power Supply

3. User Manual