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Electric Wireless Garlic Masher | Meat Grinder 250ml

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Product Description

Food chopper is equipped with an easy push-down presser, just press a few times then you will get everything done well as a chef. Premium stainless steel tool can help you accomplish chopping in seconds. This hand food chopper can mince onion, garlic, nuts, celery, pepper, cilantro and more, which meets every need for seasoning 250ml ml,with 3 sharp tools, it ca chop garlic, ginger, peppers, vegetables, fruits,meats etc. And with electric function, save your time and release your hands. 


The cup body and lid are separable, the sharp tools can be removed from the cup body and washed directly.

Unique design enlarges cutting area and helps complete cutting. Every time you slap the chopper dicer, the sharp tools will rotate 24° to ensure chopping thoroughly, even fewer ingredients can be chopped finer.

It's a high efficient kitchen chopper that you can get what you want with a few slaps No chance touching the sharp tools while operating the nut chopper .

The onion chopper allows chop in the sealing container is great for avoiding onion and garlic irritation to the eyes and skin

How It Works